Tuesday, April 15, 2014

UH Josephine Tittsworth Act Vote Happening Tomorrow

The town hall event was packed last week, and I expect the same thing will happen tomorrow when the UH SGA Senate returns to their ultramodern Senate chambers in the UC North to vote on the Josephine Tittsworth Act tomorrow.

That meeting will start at 7:30 PM.

Just as a reminder, the UH SGA proposed this piece of legislation that seeks to have the University of Houston follow its existing EEO and non discrimination policy by allowing trans* UH students to update their university identification with their preferred name, discerned gender and titles

This should be a non controversial issue, but falsehoods have been spread by agent provocateurs who have gotten the white frats and sororities riled up.

And as I reported last week, the bathroom predator and sexual predator lies have been deployed as well.

All this over the top transphobic hatred for a measure that would simply allow trans UH students to update their university ID's to match the people they are now.

Hope that the UH SGA is cognizant of the fact they have an opportunity to be drum majors and drum majorettes for justice and do the right thing.  

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