Tuesday, April 08, 2014

The 2014 Trans 100 List (US)

The names of the 100 people who are 2014 Trans 100 honorees were revealed March 30 in a live event at the Mayne Stage in Chicago.    Now the full list has been compiled and released. 

"I wish to reiterate again that the Trans 100 is not a 'Top 100,' 'Best Of,' or even the result of straight voting by the public or volunteers," Trans 100 co-director Jen Richards writes in the list's foreword. "It is an intentionally curated list of out trans people who are working on trans issues in the United States and having a positive impact. We do not claim to be anything more than this."

Texas was represented on this list with five honorees, Cristan Williams, Lou Weaver and Tye West from Houston, Sharyn Grayson from Dallas and Morgan Robyn Collado from Austin.  

And yeah, I felt we should have had more than that.  We'll have to rectify that next year, Lone Star State trans community.   

Congratulations to all the people who were honored this year including Gloria Allen, who received the inaugural Trans 100 Living Legend Award

Now here's the full list of the 2014 Trans 100 Honorees

A. Dionne Stallworth
Adrien Lawyer
Alana Nicole Shola
Alison Gill
Amos Mac
Angel Celeste Colley
Angelica Ross
Askari Gonzalez
Bailey Jay
Bali White
Dr. Ben A. Barres
Blue Montana
Brynn Tannehill
Cameron Thomas Whitley
Carmen Carrera
Causten E. Rodriguez-Wollerman
CeCe McDonald
Charlene Jacqueline Arcila
Charley Burton
Chase Strangio
Chella Isabel Marie Coleman
Cherno Biko
Cheryl Courtney-Evans
Chris Mosier
Chris Paige
Courtney Gray
Cristan Williams
Danielle Nika Askini
Dee Dee Ngozi Chamblee
Dr. Jillian. T. Weiss
Dr. Van Bailey
Drian Juarez
Ezak Perez
Fallon Fox
Gabriel Foster
Hayden Mora
Holiday Simmons
Imogen Binnie
Jamison Green
Kiara St. James
Kim Watson
Kingston J. Farady
Kye Allums
Lana Wachowski
Landon Pan
Laura Jane Grace
Rev. Lawrence T. Richardson
Logan Ferraro
Lou Weaver
Minister Louis Mitchell
Lourdes Ashley Hunter
Maria Louise Roman
Mattee Jim
Mauro Sifuentes
Michael David Battle
Mitch Kellaway
Maya Jafer
Micah Bazant
Moof Mayeda
Morgan Robyn Collado
Nancy Nangeroni
Nic Sedillo
Nikki Calma
Octavia Hamlett
Parker T. Hurley
Parker Marie Molloy
Precious Davis
Red Durkin
Rev. Dr. Cameron Partridge
Riley Johnson
Rocco 'Katastrophe' Kayiatos
Ryan Li. Dahlstrom
Sarah McBride
Scott Schneider
Sean Coleman
Seth Kirby
Sharyn Grayson
Syd Robinson
tash shatz
TC Tolbert
Tiffany Woods
Tiq Milan
T.J Jourian
Tobi Hill-Meyer
Tom Léger
Tracy Garza
Trystan Reese
Tye West
Valerie Spencer
Vanessa Losey
Vanessa Victoria
Viveka Ray-Mazumder
Vivian Taylor
Wesley Ware
Z. Jae Williams
Zackary Drucker

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