Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You're Welcome, Leona!

TransGriot Note: Received an e-mail recently from my sis in Singapore that she asked me to post to the blog. It has a commentary concerning her wildly successful Ah Kua Show that sold out its three night run there.

And without further ado, here's Leona.

The show was a great success with lots of support from the local media. In a way, it was like the dawn of a new era. The show and the media coverage would not have been possible five years ago.

Could you give me your address please? I would like to send the programme booklet to you.

Thank you for your fabulous support!



Done sis.

It was an honor for me to write the commentary for it. I'm looking forward to perusing the program once I receive it. I'll let you (and my TransGriot readers) know when the program finally reaches my mailbox.

I'm also looking forward to the day when we finally get the opportunity to meet in person.

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