Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Villager's February 2009 Black Blog Rankings

The Villager has compiled the Black Blog Rankings for February, so lets see how much love I received in them since I won't be getting any chocolate hearts or stuffed animals on Valentine's Day unless I buy it for myself.

This edition of the BBR's has 1593 ranked blogs, an increase of 43 blogs from the last compilation date of January 1. The Blackosphere continues to grow based on the continued increases in Black blogs beings added to the BBR's every month.

The runaway Number One BBR ranked blog is still Pam's House Blend, and if you wish to find out who the other Top Ten blogs are, here's the link to check them out.

My goal is to by my May 4 birthday, be at a 200 Technorati ranking and in the BBR Top 25.

My momentum toward the Top 25 hasn't been as meteoric since the historic election ended, but by continuing to focus on quality posts, adding some new features like my Shut Up Fool! awards and my upcoming discussion series, I hope to resume forward progress. I also want to earn some awards love from my own people in addition to earning a repeat trip as a Weblog Awards finalist.

I'm also pleased to see that I get a lot of international traffic. Welcome, glad you stopped by and appreciate you spending your web surfing time here. Please take a moment to peruse the posts on a wide variety of subjects and drop an occasional comment or two. If you like it, link to TransGriot as well.

Okay, so how much love did I get this month in the BBR's? In the January BBR's TransGriot was sitting at Number 46 with a 144 Technorati ranking.

As of the February 8 BBR compilation date, TransGriot was at Number 48 with a Technorati ranking of 150. I dropped two slots, but gained six points on my Technorati ranking and I'm still in the Top 50 Blogs.

It's frustrating right now because I'm not progressing like I think I should, but I still have a few months until my birthday.


BoSox Siobhan said...

I wandered here via a link from towleroad and I love visiting with you. Thanks for educating me and entertaining me at the same time, which is no mean feat when you think about it.

Monica Roberts said...

BoSox Siobhan,
Thanks for the compliment and thanks for stopping by.

Renee said...

Hey hon, not to worry you will most definitely get there. I love your blog and you never fail to entertain and educate. We'll help each other to our shared goals. Sisterhood is the way...mmm maybe if you held a contest and gave a way a cornbread recipe that might bring in the traffic ;) yeah I know I am a badass but I just love to tease you

Monica Roberts said...

Hmm...interesting thought