Friday, February 27, 2009

Shut Up Fool! Awards-End Of the Month Edition

The shortest month of the year is drawing to a close tomorrow signaling the end of the observance of Black History Month. But we celebrate Black history every month here at TransGriot, so if I run across something interesting, you know dear readers it will pop up in a post or two.

Still trying to decide what the topic is going to be for the first of the discussion panels featuring our biosisters and transwomen discussing various topics on this blog.

It's Friday, and y'all know what that means. I know you're all waiting in breathless anticipation after that boring Oscar show to pity the fool (or fools) who made the most asinine statement of the week.

So here are this week's nominees.

Fool Number 1 is Las Alamitos, CA mayor Dean Grose, who sent a racist e-mail with a picture of a watermelon patch growing on the south lawn of the White House to local African-American businesswoman and city volunteer Keyanus Price, then claimed he was unaware of the stereotype that my peeps like watermelon. (FYI, I hate it)

"Bottom line is, we laugh at things and I didn’t see this in the same light that she did. I’m sorry. It wasn’t sent to offend her personally—or anyone—from the standpoint of the African-American race.”

Fool Number 2 is Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal, who the Repugnicans are trying to pimp as their rising star in 2012. In his rebuttal speech he makes the ludicrous case of using Hurricane Katrina as a concrete example of why you should not trust government. Hello dummy, YOUR party was running thangs in 2005 and it's the reason we have massive Dem majorities in the House, Senate and an African American First Family in the White House. Then he accused the prez of wanting to impose 'government-run' healthcare, which is a lie, and mocked funding for volcano monitoring. Hello, if you live next to or fly airplanes near Mount St. Helens, Kilauea, or any Alaskan volcano I think you'd want to know if they're gonna blow.

Fool number 3 is Rush Limbaugh, who's perplexed at why women hate him and wants to convene a summit to understand why. Hello, when you call women femi-Nazis, welfare queens, and all the other derogatory terms that you've used over the years on your radio show, it should be crystal clear to your OxyContin pill popping behind why.

And this week's winner is....Bobby Jindal

Bobby Jindal, shut up fool!


Renee said...

Personally I love the way they are calling Jindal a muppet. All over youtube their videos of him in mock up scenes from sesame street. It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy if you ask me. Good choice for the asshat of the week. BTW: How do you know when you have messed up in life? When Limbaugh says you did a good job.

VĂ©ro B said...

So many fools, so few Fridays. No shortage of candidates, eh?

BTW, this white girl loves watermelon. :)

Monica Roberts said...

But I do love my fried chicken ;)