Sunday, February 15, 2009

'Tell It WOC Speak' Blog Carnival Up

This month's edition of the 'Tell It WOC Speak' blog carnival is up and popping. I was surprised and honored to see that the post I contributed to the carnival was highlighted as a featured one.

Thanks Renee for putting this blog carnival together.

As I mentioned in the previous announcement posts, this will be a monthly event taking place on the 15th that spotlights the work of Women of color bloggers. She believes that there are plenty of WOC bloggers out here in the Afrosphere that don't get the opportunities to spotlight their work.

So take a moment to check out this month's edition of the carnival and discover the writing of some great bloggers.

1 comment:

T. R Xands said...

Damn, I've been waiting on this and still totally forgot about it. That shows how much I'm paying attention.

Congrats on being the featured post, by the way! Lookin' great!