Thursday, February 19, 2009

That NY Post Cartoon IS Racist

Why am I not surprised that this crap comes from the Rupert Murdoch owned NY Post? When it comes to offending and belittling the African American community, the NY Post has it down to a science.

This cartoon isn't a dig at Congress because there's no sign or drawing on it anywhere indicating that it is as the Post's editors and the cartoonist lamely tried to claim.

We've had far too many instances in history in which African descended people are derisively referred to as monkeys, gorillas, et cetera in order to dehumanize us, justify slavery and later Jim Crow desegregation.

There's only one way you can interpret it, and that it's a nastily racist dig at 'Brother President'. Chewing on Rev. Al Sharpton for calling y'all out on the racism isn't going to deflect attention from the fact that he's right and it IS racist.


Gina said...

That cartoon is so disgusting on so many different levels. Using 'chimp' imagery in any reference towards an African American president is completely obvious in its racist intent. Having a gun blowing the animal away makes it a thousand times worse. Rupert Murdoch is a total pig... let's have some cartoons about makin' bacon.

Rachel said...

And don't you love the "chimps aren't monkeys, so this couldn't be racist" line of defense? Please. As if this kind of racist humor could ever possess that kind of sophistication.

genevieve said...

The New York Post is a very racist paper. I quit reading it a decade ago. It has nothing but useless garbage. It is also police friendly even when they are wrong.

Dale said...

That the editors of the New York Post would approve and print this cartoon says a lot about their standards.

I agree with LaurenX and Genevieve, but the Post has a circulation of 678,000 so clearly it has found an audience.

planet trans said...

I am so thoroughly disgusted by that drawing. I don't know what is more contemptible the drawing or anyone who would attempt to justify it.

belledame222 said...

I seriously can't believe (and god knows why not, nothing should surprise me anymore) that people besides the fuckwits at the Post are still trying to say that it wasn't racist. -head through desk-

the guy's had a series of seriously homophobic cartoons as well, it turns out--lost track of the link, but it was foul.