Sunday, February 01, 2009

Peruvian Neighborhood Watch Attacks Transwoman

Well, it didn't take long for Papa Nazi's Yuletide hate speech against transsexuals to filter down to the flock. Peep what happens to this transgender sex worker when she has the misfortune of being caught by the local neighborhood watch.


Queers United said...

this is so disgusting, is there anything we can do, anyone we can voice our outrage to?

Monica Roberts said...

The Peruvian Government perhaps?

Queers United said...

I was thinking more along the lines of the police who institute these policies but you are right they might just be following the law of the land.

Dale said...

It appears the police in Peru are not always the good guys. According to one article, police violence against gays, lesbians and transgender is common. And the Serenazgo, a poorly regulated auxiliary police, are especially bad.

As for what can be done, maybe the International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission would have an idea of the right approach. Their file on Peru is kind of thin. Perhaps they need more people to give them information. I think the video would be of interest to them.

Blabbeando said...


I was actually the one who posted the video on YouTube (and translated from Spanish to English in the annotations you see on-screen). Small world, no?

I also wrote about it and translated a statement released by a number of LGBT rights, trans rights and human rights organizations in Peru in the wake of the attack, which I posted on my blog:

Yes, there are trans-rights orgs as well as LGBT rights orgs in Peru and a lively gay nightlife in the major urban areas. I have included a couple of links on my blog (those who posted the statement are in touch with the person who was assaulted and she is ok, thank goodness).

But, as in other countries of Latin America (and sometimes even the US), the rural areas is where most of this violence occurs and - yes - the LGBT rights organizations most times do not have too much sway with the government or government policies that allow these things to happen without impunity.

Monica Roberts said...

Should've known you'd be on top of this ;)

mina magpie said...

That ... is evil. Pathetic, small-minded, fearful evil. Let's abuse two terrified, defenceless people to show what big men we are.

Pathetic. Ò_Ó