Sunday, February 01, 2009

A Transsistah's Secret-Walking In Pumps

I've mentioned how much I love shoes, especially if they are heels up to 3 inches.

I've been told I do such a good job at it I have had biowomen at various times pull me aside and privately ask me how long I've been doing it and how I learned to walk and stand comfortably in them.

First order of business is to make sure they are comfortable. I don't care if they are cute, the exact color I need for an outfit or on sale, I never buy shoes that are too small or too tight in the toe box for my feet.

Comfort is the name of the game, especially if they are shoes I'm going to be spending extended periods of time wearing, walking or standing in. I'm not shy about getting them a half size to a size larger in search of comfort.

Unfortunately, once you start approaching a size 9 and up there aren't in many women's shoe collections half sizes, so you have to go up to the next shoe size. You also want to start with a lower heel height and work your way up

As for what worked for me, before I even started walking in them I would get used to sitting and standing in them for extended periods of time. I'd get either an old pair of knee highs or hose and simply put them on. You especially need to do this with shoes that you've just purchased so they can mold to your foot.

Most of the time I'd simply just put them on and practice walking and standing in various heel heights. I had stairs in my old apartment and practiced slowly walking up and down them since one of my fave clubs back home had a stairwell I had to negotiate. You also want to practice once you get the hang of walking in a straight line in them on carpeted and non carpeted floors, stopping quickly and turning in them as well.

And yes, I even practiced dancing in them, too.

You want to make sure you're standing as tall and straight as possible. Since I have long legs, I naturally have a longer stride, but ideally you want to take short steps and land on heel first, then ball of foot while trying to relax your legs as much as possible to avoid getting cramps.

While there won't be any great high heel races in my future, over time I've gotten to the point where I can confidently and gracefully walk in them without a problem.


Véro B said...

I love heels, and I walk well in them, although I can't break in some of my shoes around the house because the floors are soft (fir). I only wish I weren't 5'10"! I'd love to be 5'10" in heels, but that's where I start barefoot. :) But I still walk tall and proud!

gogojojo said...

A post after my heart. I *love* heels too. It's one of the few kinds of shoe that I really enjoy wearing.

My favorite heels have at least 5 inches of heel to them. But I didn't start wearing them until I was in college. I spent most of my high school years in steel toed combat boots (another story.) So when I discovered the wonder of the stiletto I had re-learn to walk in heels. My image of my first year of college is me running around in some skinny heels and a mini in the dead of winter because I was insane.

I almost never wear heels anymore because I am at work all day and I a) don't want to waste my shoes on my job and b) think the guys I work with couldn't handle me being taller than them.

Monica Roberts said...

Veronique, Jo Jo

I love them and I'm 6'2" BEFORE I put them on. My attitude about them is the same as 6'4" Rebecca Lobo once said about them in on of her WNBA blog posts a few years ago

'If you didn't like me at 6'4", you're not gonna like me at 6'6" or 6'7"."

Véro B said...

LOL! Yes, despite my height -- only five-ten :) -- I still wear them when I have the opportunity. The other problem, though, is that my spouse is 5'1" and has flat feet so can't wear heels. If we're together, I tower over her. :)

crys said...

girl - now if any of your posts need to have a matching youtube video - this one does - LOL

its hard to walk in heels when your legs are bowed and your feet turn in like a pigeon.....*sigh*

but - you know....i still TRY at least!

gogojojo said...

See I am not even that tall. I am 5' 6" standing at my straightest (haha.) I will rock 6 inch heels when I go out because I want to be 6ft. My long legs are my favorite feature, and I think a nice pair of stilettos are just the right accessory for them. :0)

I am more often than not taller (in heels at least) than who ever I am seeing. Its never a problem to me. But guys (particularly Black men actually) have been uncomfortable with it. I have had both women (platonic friends) and men tell me that I needed to rock shorter heels if I wanted to date more guys/butch lesbians. Craziness.

Stacy Hackenberg said...

Where were you when I was young? This is a great "how-to" for high heels. I never quite got the hang of wearing them.

Also, I have been tagged and thought I'd share the wealth. No pressure to respond, but think of it as a free post idea. ; )

Monica Roberts said...

TB Texan
I was 186 miles away from you in H Town ;)

You're a Falcon. You can do anything. We'll see if I can find a video to go with this post.

Jo Jo
Black guys, especially vertically challenged Black guys have a problem with tall sistahs in heels. Unfortunately for me Da Ville has a large concentration of short guys.

There are biowomen who would kill to be your height. Consider it the blessing it is.

Stacy Hackenberg said...

Actually, you were probably a bit closer than that. I grew up in Houston.

Monica Roberts said...

South Park in the house ;)