Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mexico's Muxe Video

You'll remember that in December I posted a fascinating New York Times article on the Muxe of Mexico. There's now You Tube video that I've found on them that I hope you'll enjoy.


Kyría Ioánna said...

So... in Mexico, transgender is synonymous with homosexual?

Would the tolerance they boast of extend to a trans woman who is attracted to women? Or does the concept even exist that a trans woman might like other women? They mentioned "lesbians" but what about trans lesbians?

I went to get my hair done at a salon, a Mexican woman washed my hair and began telling me about the gay men she's friends with, how much she thinks gay men are nice. I answered: I think well of them too, but I am not a man.

I know a gay guy from El Salvador who is really nice. Once he asked me if I have a boyfriend, and I said no, I have a girlfriend. His jaw dropped open as if I'd just claimed I'd seen Bigfoot riding on the Loch Ness Monster, i.e. something utterly farfetched and impossible.

I am a trans woman who loves her girlfriend, and I am constantly baffled at how trans lesbians are so often made invisible and not even believed to exist--not only in Latino culture, in any culture, including Anglo-American.

Monica Roberts said...

I'm well aware trans lesbians exist. Two of my trans girlfriends are and I watched one person in my gender group transition, disappear and I bump into her three years later at a Houston Comets game with her girlfriend in tow.

It's one of the things we point out to our haters in the Gay and lesbian community when they claim the 'T' shouldn't be a part of 'their' community.