Sunday, February 01, 2009

Another Brother Coach In The Super Bowl

Back during the days of the old AFC Central Division the Steelers were the team next to the Dallas Cowboys I loved to hate because they were in the same division as my beloved Oilers.

It was the Steelers that both times ended my dreams of seeing my hometown NFL squad play in the Super Bowl, and most Houstonians will never forget the 1980 AFC Championship game that was stolen from us at Three Rivers Stadium by a lousy call that nullified a touchdown catch by Mike Renfro that would have tied the game.

But when Super Bowl XLIII kicks off later today in Tampa's Raymond James Stadium between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals, Mike Tomlin will be attempting to become the second African-American head coach in the modern era to win an NFL championship.

The interesting side note to this game is that he'll be coaching against Arizona's Ken Whisenhunt, the guy he beat out for the Pittsburgh job.

Mike Tomlin has done in two years what it took his Steeler predecessor coaches Chuck Noll six years and Bill Cowher four years to accomplish.

Whisenhunt has been a miracle worker as well, transforming the once sad sack Arizona Cardinals to the brink of their first title since 1947, but he's going to have to beat the team in which he worked as an offensive coordinator for several years.

In addition to the personal history that Tomlin is trying to accomplish, with a win today the Steelers would claim their sixth Super Bowl Championship, eclipsing the record they share with the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers.

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Monica Roberts said...

What a game! Even better than last year's.