Saturday, February 07, 2009

Kim Petras Video

Congrats to German transteen Kim Petras, who recently had her SRS and is happily embarking on her new life. She has a blog called Kimperium (written in German and English) and a recording contract. Girlfriend's future is so bright she needs shades to walk down the street.

Here's the latest entry from her YouTube video blog.

And a September 21, 2008 entry


VĂ©ro B said...

She's just adorable! And young enough to be my granddaughter. :) I'm glad things are going so well for her.

Monica Roberts said...

So far so good.

Unknown said...

I saw you on a UK news channel and a UK newspaper. I just had to come and seek out your blog. You are amazing and very beautiful. I wish you everything you wish yourself. How things have changed for transsexuals to now be so accepted.

Monica Roberts said...

I know I haven't done any media interviews lately, so you must be talking about Kim.

Head to her website Das Kimperium to post your thoughts or her YouTube page