Friday, February 27, 2009

The FLOTUS Official Portrait

FLOTUS stands for First Lady Of The United States, and First Lady Michelle Obama's official portrait has finally been released. Sistah girl looks so good it's making me want to swear off the Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream.

Well, after this weekend, since I just bought two half pints of it on sale and I'm tearing into one of them as I write.

One of the things I ironically found funny in the photo was this. Peep the presidential portrait that's hanging on the wall over the First Lady's right shoulder.

That's Thomas Jefferson, and he had a taste for 'Brown Sugar'. Word was back in the day (1802) that Sally Hemings was his mistress and he fathered six children with her. Never mind the fact that slavery was in full effect in the States at the time, so it's questionable whether the relationship between them was consensual.

Even though he was getting his freak on with her, he still held the typical attitude of the day that she was less than human. In his 1814 book Notes on the State of Virginia he advanced his suspicion that black people were inferior to white people "in the endowments both of body and mind.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright alluded to that during Inauguration Weekend when he parted his lips and made the comment that "Michelle Obama is the first African American sleeping in the White House legally."

Looks like the First Lady had the last laugh on both of them.

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