Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Tall And Short Of It

One of the things I hear a lot from my biowomen friends when we're chatting at various times is that they sometimes wish they were my 6'2" height, to which I'll usually reply "No, you don't".

While I'm proud to be a tall sistah, revel in my long legged body and love the fact that there are numerous examples in the world of statuesque sistahs representing and doing positive things like our new First Lady for example, every now and then I check out my stylishly dressed shorter sisters and wonder what life would be like from that perspective.

Based on what I've been told and observed, I'd have the same frustrations about clothes except from the petite end of the scale. It would be a little more challenging for me to reach the top of shelves without assistance or a small step ladder, and if I picked up weight it would be more noticeable than it is right now.

I think a lot of both sides yearning for the others height is the 'grass being greener on the other side of the street' syndrome. And like it is with any other 'I wish' scenarios, you'll find that if you actually had the opportunity or the chance to actually have that wish fulfilled, it has a set of challenges and problems that you didn't know about until you experience them first hand.

But the bottom line is short, tall or in between, we look in the mirrors, thank God that we are healthy happy and well adjusted beings, and love every millimeter of our bodies no matter what the height is.


Gina said...

Hmm, nope, don't believe it. Being tall sucks. I'm 6' and I wish I were 5-8"/5-9". There is a breaking point where it's impossible to find clothes in stores except for the few b*tt fugly tall women's shops with polyester badly cut "fashions" (from 1990) and don't even mention the schmattes at Long Elegant Legs. I get sick of buying stuff over the Internet because, while even Banana Republic or the Gap have tall clothes, they don't carry them in stores. Also, except for jeans (Newport News, yaay) you pay a premium for tall women's clothes no matter how crummy they are... they have you over a barrel. Not to mention all the 5'9" guys who are just too intimidated to date you and I don't like leaning over to kiss people. I know, I know, Lisa Leslie is beautiful... well, she's being paid good money partly because she's so tall, where's my biig tall payday (they refuse to pay me beaucoup bucks just cause I suck at sports)?

Monica Roberts said...

The grass that you think is greener on closer inspection may be AstroTurf. ;)

Gina said...

So long as it's not tall AstroTurf... I don't need any more height, thank you! :-)