Monday, February 09, 2009

Transpinays Are Doing It For Themselves

Every now and then you'll see my busy sis PinayTG post something in my comment section from time to time. I have a link to her wonderful blog as well.

But as I continue to point out, transgender peeps are everywhere and we face on varying levels from country to country and continent to continent a struggle to see our human rights respected, codified into law and protected.

So what's a transpinay? A transpinay is a transwoman of Filipina heritage. It's a term the community created to more accurately describe themselves and separate themselves from the more negative local terms that are considered insulting by our sisters there. I enthusiastically embrace and use transpinay here out of respect, solidarity and love for my sisters.

Transpinays are becoming more active and vocal about educating their nation about transgender issues and improving the lives of their sisters through STRAP, the Manila based Society of Transsexual Women of the Philippines.

STRAP was founded in 2002 and its multifaceted mission not only focuses on fighting for the rights of transpinays, they are a support group, do educational advocacy on transgender issues, build pride in being a transpinay and confront negative images about transwomen as well.

Like us on this side of the Pacific, they face the same non-matching identity paperwork issues, discrimination, and unemployment/underemployment problems as well. But with each passing day they are becoming a more cohesive community, and it's only a matter of time before transpinays take their rightful place in Philippine society.


PinayTG said...

Thanks for this write-up Monica. I can only hope to be as phenomenal a transwoman as you are. Have a great week ahead! :)

Dale said...

Hooray for the Pinay!

Thank you Monica and PinayTG for posting about our sisters (and brothers?) overseas. We are all in this together.

Monica Roberts said...

You're well on your way. I was even more impressed with you after reading that nice story.

In time positive things will start happening for the transpinay community.

While STRAP focuses more on on our sisters, I would surmise that there may come a time in which they will probably do a joint project with the transbrothers.