Friday, February 06, 2009

Shut Up Fool! Awards-Frosted Flakes Edition

As you know Louisville and the rest of the state was dealing with a major ice storm and snow that took out power lines. This time the TransGriot didn't lose power, but feels the pain of the peeps who did. So for those of you just getting back online, here's the idiocy you missed

Anyhoo, let's see who won this week's Shut Up Fool! Award.

There was no contest this week. I'm not even bothering to find any other ridiculous statements this week because our winner basically locked it down and blew away any potential competition.

This week's winner is another Faux News sellout negro, Jesse Lee Peterson. On this recent Hannity show he stated "I think we all agree that Barack Obama was elected by mostly racist Blacks and White guilty people." It was so over the top even the 'Little Ball of Hate' had to call him on it.

Jesse Peterson, shut up fool!


Syrlinus said...

Oh... wow.

I just keep reading the sentence and.. just.. wow.

gogojojo said...

You know I have a saying that hate makes you ugly. (I'm sure it was someone else's first but I rock it like it was my own.) But you know what is truly nastiest is self-hate.

This is why can't watch Fox News especially when people of color are on. My eyes hurt.

Roxie said...

The more he talks, the less sense he makes. I mean, even on a logical level. He says 96% of black people are racist against whites, and that's why they voted for Obama. YET he says if Obama had been a republican conservative they would not have voted for him.

So..which is it?
At least he didn't go unchallenged.

I guess.

Monica Roberts said...

The only thing he's right about is that if Obama was a typical GOP conservative, we wouldn't have voted for him.

Thank God the prez isn't.

Jackie said...

I'm so glad you didn't lose your power.
Again, a big winner. This guy is a sick puppy.

Monica Roberts said...

Ironically Jackie, we lost it yesterday (Sat) for two hours.

Fortunately it was 60 degrees when it happened as opposed to below freezing.