Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Hello World! Thanks For Stopping By!

I recently put a traffic feed widget on TransGriot because I was curious to see where my readers were coming from.

Before I put it on the blog, I knew I had people that popped in from Great Britain, the Philippines, Australia, various parts of Canada, Portugal and various parts of the US who comment on a regular basis.

But after I finally put it on, I was amazed to see that I get hits from the Netherlands, Norway, Turkey, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Sweden, France, Switzerland, South Africa, Nigeria, Japan, Thailand, Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia and Mexico.

It obviously varies based on the time I look at it, but I'm proud to have a wider international following than I initially presumed.

So thank you world for stopping by, spending your valuable browsing time here, and perusing through the over 1300 posts that interest you.

I promise I'll do my utmost to keep it interesting so you continue to come back and feel moved from time to time leave a comment from time to time.


Camille Acey said...

hello from slovenia!

love the blog!

crys said...

WORLD FAMOUS - that girl monica is smart and WORLD FAMOUS

Monica Roberts said...

Camille and Crys
Thanks for the love from Slovenia and H-Town

Bad hair days said...

A little bit late, bit fitting for switzerland, a hello from over here :-)

I read your comment on Kim Petras blog, and its astounding how often I read that someone from an english speaking country learned german :-) (eg. Zoƫ Brain, too)


Monica Roberts said...

English borrows heavily from German, shares the same alphabet, and many English words have similar spelling to their German counterparts. (ex camera-kamera)

It's familiar enough to a non native speaker to be able to learn it, visualize and gain a good enough working knowledge of it to be comfortable speaking and reading it.

My home state has German descendants living in the New Braunfels-San Antonio area so German was one of the language offering in Texas schools.

Besides, 'errbody' else at my school was learning Spanish and French, and I wanted to learn German ever since I found my mom's old German textbooks on the garage bookshelf.

Monica Roberts said...

Hello world...represent your country.

Drop a comment saying hello!