Tuesday, February 10, 2009

'Brother Prez's' First Press Conference

Like most of the country I was tuned in to President Obama's first prime time press conference.

After the last eight painful years (fourteen if I add his time as Texas governor) of seeing the previous occupant of the White House massacre the English language and have them less frequently as Michael Jackson has plastic surgery, it was nice to see our president confidently stride into the East Room of the White House and confidently answer multiple part questions from the press corps.

He even took questions from Helen Thomas, the dean of the Washington White House press corps and from a Huffington Post reporter.

If people still haven't gotten the memo that there's a new sheriff in town, last night was another clue that change has come to DC.


gogojojo said...

I (probably inappropriately) loved the press conference last night. I was on facebook chatting with my fellow alums about it. Very tight opening remarks and I liked that he had something substantial to say to each question. He got into his professor-y/intellectual mode so gave extended answers to each question BUT I like when he's intellectual so...

Also I loved that he had so much charm. He had the room smiling. I also was quite excited when he called on the reporter from Huffpo.

Best quote of the night "[those who say] no matter how much money you spend noting makes a difference so lets just blow up the public school systems." Golden. Seriously Golden. I *know* they're going to grill him on that. You know if they could find a spokesman for their party that didn't make them look like hypocritical raving lunatics...hahahaha.

Monica Roberts said...

Jo Jo, the GOP's anti-intellectual chickens are coming home to roost now ;)