Thursday, February 19, 2009

Transgender In Kenya

Sokari Ekine's Black Looks blog is a wonderful place to find information about GLBT issues on the African continent, since the media here in the States, with the exception of occasional pieces in EBONY/JET magazines is woefully lacking in terms of covering the second largest continent on Planet Earth.

White South Africa gets great news coverage and has advocacy and education orgs such as the Liesl Theron led Gender DynamiX inside its borders, the rest of the continent's transgender people face varying struggles to be heard.

Here's a long article by Audrey Mbugua that discusses what's happening with my transpeeps in Kenya.

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Gina said...

The shocking story about Karla, who was a victim of an attempted rape, and then attacked by a crowd only to be charged with "public nuisance" is a horrible reminder of what transwomen deal with throughout most of the world. Why aren't these bigger issues in the mainstream LGBT community? I understand the importance of marriage equality, but why isn't 1/10th as much effort being made to protect the human rights of transpeople throughout the world, rights that impact daily existence and their very right to life? Why isn't the UN focusing on issues like this? Human Rights Watch is the only organization of its kind (I've heard of) who's really trying to bring some of this to light.