Friday, February 13, 2009

'An Evening At La Cage' Closes In Vegas

The tough economy is whacking Las Vegas as well. If you were thinking about checking out the 'An Evening At La Cage' female impersonators review at the Riviera Hotel the next time you can afford to go there on vacation, you won't have that show as an option to see anymore.

Headliner Frank Marino and the rest of the cast were informed by producer Norbert Aleman after the February 9 performance that the show was shutting down immediately, thus ending a 23 year run on the Las Vegas Strip.

'An Evening At La Cage' opened in September 1985 featuring Marino as Joan Rivers. It eventually became the fourth longest running show on the Vegas strip.

This follows the news last month that another iconic show. the Tropicana's 'Les Folies Bergere' was shutting down March 28 after a 49 year run to make room for another undisclosed production.

"The writing is on the wall," said Aleman in an interview with Mike Weatherford. "It's better if we take a break right now and see what's up with the economy, rather than see my numbers go down and have to perform for under 100 people."

Riviera president Robert Vannucci said in a statement, "We sincerely regret the decision to close La Cage, but fully understand the economic pressures forcing the situation. We wish the producer and the cast well and hope in the near future that conditions will change and encourage reinvesting into the show and its reopening. In the meantime, we are in negotiation with several different show producers and hope to announce a new Riviera show very soon."

Marino said he was expecting the closure because of falling audience numbers and it was time to step it up to the next level as a producer. He was going to take a vacation for a month, then start working on the 'ultimate drag show'.

At any rate, here's hoping that the iconic show gets revived or Marino's 'ultimate drag show' debuts once the economy improves.

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