Thursday, February 19, 2009

Brother Prez Goes To Canada

President Obama arrived in Ottawa today for his first trip abroad as the POTUS. It's a short and sweet seven hour one in which he'll have a face to face meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper, meet Governor General Michaelle Jean and talk turkey on several issues percolating with our Canadian cousins and our largest trading partner.

'Brother Prez' is more popular here in Canada than he is at home, with an 86% approval rating in the last poll taken north of the border. He also did a television interview with the CBC's Peter Mansbridge 48 hours before he left.

Gotta love my new president. He's a vast improvement over the last one who excelled in pissing people off.

While there's disappointment among many Canadians who wanted him to stay longer and visit more of their country, given the importance of our historic relationship, there will probably be another opportunity over the next four years for that to happen.


Jackie said...

Monica, it is so good Not to have to hold your breath because you know the prez will say something stupid. Honestly it's a great feeling.
Also, I saw Michelle speak today and the same goes for her. She is making calls on the government agencies and thanking them for their hard work. Such dignity, humor and down to earth class.

Monica Roberts said...

Amen! Isn't it nice to have the 'A' students running the country again?