Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Calm Before The Storm

We're 24 hours away from D-Day. The US House will be taking a vote on a bill tomorrow that will either be inclusive or be the first civil rights bill in history in which a wide majority of the people it's intended to help not only don't want it, but will leave out entire sections of the community.

While I can't predict which way the votes will go on the Baldwin Amendment and HR 3685 itself, I can say with certainty that the aftermath will be ugly not only for the GLB community but the transgender one as well.

And the sad thing about this mess is that it didn't have to happen. If Bush isn't going to sign ANY ENDA bill, then why wouldn't Rep. Frank leave HR 2015 alone?

Pehaps he and his like minded Mattachine transphobes feared the same thing I fear now about a non-inclusive ENDA passing. That Bush just to be contrary, will sign it anyway assuming it gets through the Senate.

I hope that some senator will see the wisdom of not leaving the transgender community out if the Baldwin Amendment fails and Frank's Folly passes the House without us in it.


Unknown said...

We were tossed into the water as chum to draw off the sharks. It is a political tactic to draw attention away from other activity. IF you will observe, we are with growing intensity being villified and made to be the freaks of society. TVC and CWA as example. Even organizations who once held us in favor are growing cold. It is not by accident, Barny Frank and the GLBt hierarcky knew exactly what the game plan was.


Monica Roberts said...

WE have the Forces of Intolerance's undivided attention now.

The sad part is that that our frienemies' are the ones pushing us overboard.