Friday, February 19, 2010

Yes, You Teabaggers ARE Racist

Aww, the poor white wing teabaggers are upset because they've been called by the 'liberal media' on their racism.

While I'm concerned and rightfully so about how hordes of motivated, intellectually challenged conservative leaning voters will affect the mid term elections if we liberals don't stop fighting each other and focus on who the real enemy to our country's recovery is, I'm rolling on the floor laughing at the fact their so-called grass roots movement is made up overwhelmingly of illiterate white people.

And yes, it IS about the fact that we have an African-American president in office, so you can stop telling that lie, too.

You've got white supremacists involved. Peep this from Stormfront that Jack and Jill Politics unearthed.

Ladies and gentlemen, I think every WN needs to not only attend the April 15th Tea Party nearest you (I’m going to the Alamo in San Antonio) but then stay involved and help provide leadership to this movement.

I believe that this is the white revolution we’ve been waiting for.

It doesn’t look what we expected but this is it.

I’ve seen probably 50 videos on TV showing previous marches and what strikes me is that the participants are all WHITE. It stands to reason . . . we’re the ones being taxed to support Affirmative Action, Welfare and other worthless social programs. It’s our tax dollars going to ACORN and supporting the 12 million illegals swarming into our neighborhoods.

Are 'we're not racist' and 'socialist' your new covert ways of saying the n-word?

And let's not forget all those 'Real Americans' who have the delusionally misguided belief that President Obama is not a United States citizen.

Read the birth certificate and the birth announcement y'all dug up.

Let's not forget that the people shouting 'kill him' and 'He's an Arab' during the McPalin hate rallies (oops, the 2008 GOP campaign) didn't just turn off their televisions and sulk while we giddily celebrated Victory over Conservatism Day on November 4, 2008 or sang 'Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye' to Dubya on January 20, 2009 during the president's inauguration.

They're mad, want to take their version of America back and are what's fueling the Teabagger movement. They are the huddled vanilla flavored masses yearning to breathe free and see the White House reoccupied by a white president and his family in 2013.

Even if the intelligent Black president cut their taxes, gives them affordable health insurance and saved them from a depression caused by the jacked up policies of the previous knowledge- challenged white president and a failed political philosophy they enthusiastically supported, to them, if their president ain't white, it ain't all right.

But hey, just as they've done throughout their history in this country, there are white peeps who will consistently vote and act against their own economic interests, and there are peeps who will eagerly manipulate that for their own purposes.

Exhibit A: The War To Perpetuate Slavery. Southern white males fighting and dying to keep slavery alive. Never mind it was a system that depressed their wages and was keeping them poor while the planter class got rich.

Please stop trying to produce the mythical Black person you claim was at your overwhelmingly white rallies or is part of your movement.

Because unlike y'all, we've learned a long time ago that all our skinfolks AIN'T our kinfolks. So y'all can parade Angela McGlowan, Paul Scott and whatever other Negro sellout or Photoshopped picture you come up with to pimp your message. We Black folks who don't watch Faux News and vote Democratic see y'all for what you are and ain't falling for the okey doke.

On November 2, those of us who truly love this country and don't want the United States to fail need to be at the ballot box voting to insure that ignorance does not rule the day.

Yes, your teabagger movement is racist, and no amount of spin will change that.

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Alliyah Gallows said...

Beautifully written and wonderfully in-depth.

*beams* I co-sign every syllable.