Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ann Coulter Gets Pwned By Keith Olbermann

Normally I'm the first one railing about liberal progressive people throwing trans flavored shade at Ann Coulter or people using trans to insult cis women.

But surprise, surprise. In this instance I approve of the message.

Annie started it by not only throwing a crossdressing reference dig at Keith in a recent column she wrote on Iran, she dragged his deceased mother into the mix while simultaneously hurling gender bending insults in the same column at Rachel Maddow and Richard Wolffe.

So Keith, have at Miss Right Wing Thang.

The lesson here? Don't talk about somebody's deceased mother.

I'm also getting sick of the recent conservative movement penchant for throwing transphobic shade at their opponents.

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Autumn Sandeen said...

I couldn't disagree more. What's good for the goose is not good for the gander.

Back when Ann Coullter referred to John Edwards as the-other-f-word, I wrote in reponse to many progressives calling Coulter out by antitrans insults:

...The message I get from all these kinds of [transgender, transsexual, and trans related] comments is that these folk find it wrong for Coulter to indicate she believes there is something inherently wrong with being gay, but it's okay for them to counterpunch at Coulter by indicating Coulter is transgender -- indicating that there's something inherently wrong with being transgender. This is especially true when the term used is transvestite, as most American transpeople consider the term a pejorative.

As a transwoman, I find insulting Coulter by claiming she's transgender pretty thoughtless commentary. If Coulter were to turn out to be transgender, what's wrong with the way she states her viewpoints would have nothing to do with her being transgender.

Insulting Coulter by calling her transvestite, transsexual, or transgender insults my transgender peers and me in the process of saying something is wrong with Coulter for making outrageous statements AND having an adam's apple/looking transgender. Nice going, lefty bloggers, for stooping to using other f-word style insults to make your points about Coulter using the other f-word.

I won't condone any transphobic language by anyone, even when it's done by a progressive; even when the target is Ann Coulter.