Monday, December 25, 2017

Happy Holidays (Merry Christmas) 2017

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After a year that seemed like it has taken a decade to pass, we're finally at Christmas Day.

I've already received multiple early Christmas gifts.  Finally got the gender marker change done.  I got to see my hometown baseball team FINALLY win a World Series.  I got to go to and doa panel at San Diego Comic Con.

And yes, with the help of the Texas trans community and a host of allies, we killed the unjust anti-trans SB 6 bill TWICE.

And oh yeah, before I forget,  Dear Cheeto Leader sucks.  .Note to your delusional azz:  We always could say 'Merry Christmas'.  Just another fake news issue you tell your white low information voters '
I hope I receive the Christmas present of seeing your incompetent dotard behind being impeached before 2020 along with VP Mike Pence.

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It has been a rollercoaster of a year for me with more highs than lows.   It's also a year in which I and everyone else needs to take this holiday season time to stop and count our blessings. 

And to me, one of those blessings is having wonderful friends who have my back.   It's also nice to just step back from being in ongoing Defcon 1 combat mode as we fight World War T to just chilling and hanging out with your family, be they blood or chosen.

Hope that's what people are doing today as they open gifts, get their grub on or simply enjoy the company of the people they love and care about.

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Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas everyone.   Enjoy this day in the knowledge that 2017 is almost over,   But once we get past New Year's Day, it's back to fighting for a better world for our trans kids and ourselves.

But first, time to open up my presents in a few hours and see if I got the Astros World Championship shirt I wanted or that Zappos gift certificate .

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