Wednesday, December 20, 2017

One Vote Matters In Decisive VA House Race

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Christmas came early for the Virginia Democratic Party.  In addition to sweeping the executive office positions. a decisive House of Delegates race was decided that ended the Republicans 17 year hold on the chamber.   They erased a 66-34 deficit and picked up 16 seats to do so

But the Democrats did sp by the slimmest of margins:  ONE vote.

Shelley Simonds (D) after a recount won a extremely tight race for the District 94 seat held by Republican incumbent Ralph Yancey in Newport News, VA. 

She was trailing by a razor thin 10 votes going into the recount, but made up the ten vote deficit to win the seat 11,608 to 11,607. 

If that result is upheld by a three judge panel today, then the Virginia House of Delegate will have a 50-50 split with a power sharing arrangement. 

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The speaker of the House would rotate between both parties, with a Democratic speaker in control one day and a Republican speak the next.   Committees would have an even number of members from both parties and be co chaired bu a Democrat and a Republican.

So to that person in Newport News' District 94 who took the time to vote, your one vote mattered in a historic way, 

And let that in this upcoming election 2018 election cycle be a lesson to voters in Virginia and everywhere in the country.  Never let anyone tell you your one vote doesn't matter  .

Your one vote may be the decisive one.

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