Saturday, December 30, 2017

TransGriot 2017 NFL Picks-Week 17

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It's the last week of the 2017 NFL season,which many of us in Houston considered it ended the day Deshaun Watson went down in practice with a knee injury and Bob McNair decided to do the right wing thing insead of the right thing to help the Texans win by not signing Colin Kaepernick.

But I still had a 2017 NFL prognostication contest to get through and I was playing for a third consecutive title.   There are now sixteen regular season New Year's Eve games tanding between me and the threepeat,

Mr Watts hasn't rolled over.   He's been on a hot streak.  I've just been one game better.   He went 12-4 in Week 16.   I went 13-3. .

The Cleveland Browns are on the verge of joining the 0-16 club when they face the playoff bound AFC North Champion Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field.  If the Browns win that game it'll be the upset of the decade.    They have already clinched the number one overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.

I just need to be better for one more week.  So let's get to it.   Mike's picks will be here.   As usual, Team I'm picking to win will be in bold print with the home team in CAPS.

And what's my over/under number for NFL non-playoff teams head coaches and GM's to be fired on Monday? 
7 coaches and 2 GM's 

Week 16 Results                                                              2017 NFL Season
TransGriot  13-3                                                              TransGriot  155-82
Mike           12-4                                                              Mike           154-83

New Year's Eve Early Games
COLTS over Texans
LIONS over Packers
VIKINGS over Bears
STEELERS over Browns
PATRIOTS over Jets
WASHINGTON over Giants
EAGLES over Cowboys

New Year's Eve Afternoon Games
Jaguars over TITANS
Bills over DOLPHINS
RAVENS over Bengals
Raiders over CHARGERS
SEAHAWKS over Cardinals
RAMS over 49ers
Panthers over FALCONS
Chiefs over BRONCOS
Saints over BUCCANEERS

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