Friday, December 15, 2017

TransGriot 2017 NFL Picks- Week 15

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Arrgh, Already down one game because I forgot to post my Week 15 picks after going 5--11 last week.  Guess this trainwreck of a Texans season combined with other drama is catching up with me.

I had a three game lead going into this week, but this is the second time this season I've failed to pick a game, and if it costs me my threepeat, I will be extremely upset about it

We also have two Saturday NFL games now that the regular college football season is over

So lets get to this week's NFL picks.   Team I'm picking to win in bold print with home team in CAPS.   Mike's picks can be viewed here.

Week 14 Results                                                                2017 NFL Season 
TransGriot   5-11                                                                 TransGriot  128-80
Mike            8-8                                                                  Mike           128-80

Thursday Night Game 
Broncos vs COLTS (25-13 Broncos)

Saturday Games
LIONS over Bears
CHIEFS over Chargers 

Sunday Early Games
Eagles over GIANTS
VIKINGS over Bengals
Ravens over BROWNS
JAGUARS over Texans
PANTHERS over Packers
WASHINGTON over Cardinals
SAINTS over Jets
BILLS over Dolphins

Sunday Afternoon Games
Rams over SEAHAWKS
Titans over 49ERS
Patriots over STEELERS

Sunday Night Game
Cowboys over RAIDERS

Monday Night Game 
Falcons over BUCCANEERS

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