Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Two Texas Transmen Are Running For Office!

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We have had since the 80's several trans women run for office in various parts of Texas.   Jenifer Rene Pool made history in the 2016 cycle by becoming the first out Texas trans person to win a party primary in the Lone Star State.

We even have a trans woman in Jess Herbst who serves is the mayor of New Hope, TX in the DFW metro area.

With the breakthrough electoral wins of Danica Roem to the VA state legislature and Andrea Jenkins and Phillipe Cunningham to the Minneapolis City Council, in light of the Republican led legislative attacks upon our community, we have had more trans people deciding to step up and run for public office.

And if yo're wondering about moi, I'm thinking about it.

The GOP majority in the Texas House is maintained in large part because many of those Republican legislators are running unopposed in their House.  In order to change that dynamic, we are going to need good people to run for office as Democrats.   

The Texas GOP War on Transpeople in the last regular and Special Oppression Session has motivated two trans men to step up in different parts of the state to run for state legislative seats during the 2018 election cycle.

And yeah, I know both of these amazing men  I wish them the best of luck in #TransformingDemocracy and our state legislature.

In the Houston metro area, Dylan Wilde Forbis has stepped up to run against incumbent Republican state rep Ed Thompson in District 29 in the Pearland area.

On the other end of I-45 Finnigan 'Finn' Jones is taking on District 94 Republican incumbent Tony Tinderholt in the Arlington area.   Tinderholt is a proud member of the far right Texas Freedom Caucus.   

With the primaries happening in March, Forbis and Jones are ramping up their campaigns to raise funds, introduce themselves to the voters in their respective districts and with enough support, win and make Texas electoral history.

If you live in their districts, they can use not only your help, be it financial, as a campaign volunteer and most importantly, your votes.   If you don't, they can always use contributions to their campaigns to fund what they need to do to emerge victorious on Election Day./

Good luck to you Dylan and Finn    Here's hoping I'm calling you Representative Forbis and Representative Jones in November. 

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