Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Moral Gut Check Election Day In Alabama

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Well Alabama, once again, just as it was during the Civil Rights Movement, the eyes of the nation and the world are upon you. 

This time it is a morality check moment for your state.   Will you elect an ignorant pedophile to the US Senate in Roy Moore, or will you elect  Doug Jones, a man who sent to jail the people who bombed the 16th Street Baptist Church and is more moral than the person who claims he is?

Even the Log Cabin Sellouts Republicans, who never miss an opportunity to sell the LGBTQ community for their tax cuts, considered Roy Moore too reprehensible to support and ran an ad attacking him.

Alabama native Condoleezza Rice has also put country over party, calling for her fellow Alabamians to 'reject bigotry, sexism  and intolerance.'

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Alabama Black community, it's nation time.   Will you step up, show up in massive numbers at the polls and show off to the world the awesome power of the Black vote that Alabama Republicans fear so much they have desperately tried to suppress it?

I know Daroneshia Duncan and my homegirls in Magic City are planning to bumrush the polls today.   How about the rest of you Alabama Black SGL and cis community?  Make the rest of Black America proud.

If you're registered to vote in Alabama, you have until 7 PM CST to cast those critically important votes. If it hits 7 PM and you're still in line to vote, don't leave. Stay until you get to vote.Do what you need to do to handle your election business because the Alabama Republicans will use every dirty suppression trick to keep you from voting.

They have a long history of voter suppression and are a major reason why the Voting Rights Act was passed in the first place back in 1965.

I'm betting on Black Alabamians shocking the world despite every GOP attempt to suppress their votes and hopefully carrying Doug Jones to victory.

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We' and the world will know in a few hours which road you took.   Did you elect the Democrat with integrity to represent you in the US Senate or the Satan's helper Republican?

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