Thursday, December 07, 2017

TransGriot 2017 NFL Picks-Week 14

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So happy to see Case Keenum blowing up as an NFL quarterback.   Just wish he was doing it in a Houston Texans uniform.   The Vikings are on such a roll with him as the quarterback that even though Teddy Bridgewater is healthy, he's been sitting on the bench as Case's backup.

Anyway, went 9-7 in Week 13 because I forgot to make a pick in the Vikings-Falcons game, and didn't catch it until after the game was over.    Under the rules of our prognostication contest, that's an automatic loss if we don't pick a team in a game 15 minutes before its kickoff or forget to include it in that week's picks.

Fortunately Mike got that game wrong, but he still took the week with an 11-5 record.

You know I'll be paying attention this week after that mistake.   Fortunately I have a lead, but if this costs me the threepeat, I'll be kicking myself over it until next September.

Teams I'm picking to win will be in bold print with the home team in CAPS.  Mike's picks can be perused here via this link.

Week 13 Results                                                           2017 Season Record 
TransGriot    9-7                                                           TransGriot  123-69
Mike           11-5                                                           Mike           119-72

Thursday Night Game
Saints over FALCONS

Sunday Early Games
TEXANS over 49ers
Packers over BROWNS
Raiders over CHIEFS
Vikings over PANTHERS
BILLS over Colts
BENGALS over Bears
COWBOYS over Giants

Sunday Afternoon Games
Titans over CARDINALS
Jets over BRONCOS
Washington over CHARGERS
Seahawks over JAGUARS
RAMS over Eagles

Sunday Night Game
STEELERS over Ravens

Monday Night Game                                                 
Patriots over DOLPHINS     

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