Friday, December 01, 2017

'Black America' Show In Development

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Now this is a show I will watch if it finally makes it to the air.

For over a year now Will Packer and Aaron McGruder have been working with Amazon on developing an alternate history show set in our present day time in which the US Civil War ended with Black Americans not only getting their freedom, but getting the states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama as reparations for their centuries of enslavement and the opportunity to shape their own destiny.

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The three states form the nation of New Colonia, which has a contentious and at times violent relationship with its larger neighbor.   After 150 years of enduring coups, military incursions, assassinations and other assorted drama, a twenty year period of peace with the United States has resulted in New Colonia experiencing spectacular growth and poised to join the ranks of major industrialized world nations as the US is sliding into rapid decline. 

But despite their contentious history, their fates are still intertwined with each other, and it will be interesting to see how that plays out on the silver screen and thescripts that are yet to be developed.

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Packer and McGruder are enlisting the help of historians to ensure the show is accurate, and are excited about the intriguing story telling prospects for Black America.

They describe series as a hourlong drama in the vein of The Man In The High Castle, another alternate history show that has found success.   Packer and McGruder also decided to announce that they were working on this show in response to the massive negativity that HBO's Confederate received.

We'll see if Black America makes it on the air and if it does

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