Friday, December 01, 2017

Shut Up Fool Awards- Trump Christmas Fail Edition

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It's December 1, which means that we have 30 more days after today left in this somewhat crappy year.  This is also the first Christmas of this misadministration, and they are already failing 'bigly' in ending the 'War on Christmas'.

The White House Christmas tree lighting ceremony is usually a sought after standing room only sold out event.   Not this year.   Plenty of empty seats. 

Once again, the difference between a beloved  POTUS and a hated one. 

But enough jibber jabber.  Time to get to this week's TransGriot Shut Up Fool Award winner.

Honorable mention number one is Donald Trump for just pick an outrage.

Honorable mention number two is Angela Lansbury, who stated that women must sometime take the blame for sexual harassment.

Honorable mention number three is Tom McBroom, for making the racist Twitter comment that Diamond Reynold, the fiance of Philando Castile who recently received an $800,000 settlement, would 'blow the money on crack cocaine'

How about you and your fellow white supremacists with badges learn how to treat Black citizens with dignity and respect, and you won';t have to waste the taxpayer's money paying out huge settlements? .

Honorable mention number four  is White House Press Secretary Minister of Propaganda Sarah Huckabee Sanders. for the nauseating daily exercises in spin, outright lies and denials of reality.

Is it November 2020 yet? 

Related imageThis week's Shut Up Fool Winner is Susan Sarandon, the Bernie babe who continues to make a fauxgressive azz of herself with her over the top Hillary hate by stating that the country would already be at war if Hillary Clinton were president and her administration would be just as chaotic as Trump's.

Naw boo boo kitty, don't even try it.   And you and Jill Stein need to stop taking whatever mind altering drugs you're on.

A Hillary Clinton administration wouldn't have named Betsy DeVos as her education secretary or been colluding with Russia. 

So have several seats at the Hollywood Bowl and shut the hell up, fool

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