Friday, May 03, 2013

Help Eden Lane Get On 'The View'

One of the people I'm so looking forward to meeting one day is trailblazing Denver based journalist and girl like us Eden Lane.

She's the first trans on-air broadcast journalist with a major network and since 2009 has been the host of the KBDI-TV shows In Focus with Eden Lane, Colorado’s popular local arts and culture news magazine, and OUTSpoken, a prime time special series devoted to the LGBT community that has been on the air for 20 years.

She was also a reporter covering the historic 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver for PBS.

There is a campaign complete with a petition that seeks to have ABC's popular daytime gabfest The View invite Eden Lane on the show.  It's a good time to do so seeing that Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck are leaving soon.  

ABC, why not give Eden a shot and help make a little broadcast history in the process as well? 

And yes, I enthusiastically signed the petition. This is what I added in the optional comment section when I signed it.

Eden's qualified and deserves the opportunity to do so.  It's past time to have transpeople appear on talk shows and be able to show America we can talk about a wide variety of subjects just like anyone else

Actually, she's more than qualified for it, and I hope it happens for her.  She not only deserves it, I'm also looking at the big picture long range implications of Eden sitting at that table with Whoopi, Barbara and Sherri.  

It not only gives us another chance to make a positive impression on Mr and Ms. Middle America, it also opens doors once Eden knocks that appearance out of the park. (as I have every confidence in her she would)   It gives other trans women a chance to be considered as guest hosts for The View and other television shows similar to it as well.  

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