Monday, April 05, 2010

Why Y'all Tripping About The Prez Only Checking 'African-American' On His Census Form?

I'm chuckling to myself about some peeps getting perturbed over the fact that President Obama only checked 'African-American' in the race description section of his 2010 Census form.

After all the negativity, hatred and racist vitriol the birthers, deathers, GOP and other assorted predominately white peeps have hurled his way over the last year, if it had been me I would only be checking one box, too.

The 'one-drop rule' lives.

Many white peeps made it quite clear since January 20, 2009 you didn't care President Obama's late mother shared your ethnic background by your nekulturny behavior and racist misspelled signs you carried during the teabagger hatefests.

The interesting dynamic I've noticed when it comes to biracial folks is that whiteness is quick to claim them if they're doing something positive. But let them think, act or speak their minds in ways counter to white groupthink or get into legal trouble and all of a sudden they're back to being 'Black' again.

The dust up over Professor Gates and the predominately white backlash over President's initial comments criticizing the police officer made that quite clear.

So I'm not surprised when push came to shove, he only checked "African-American' on his census form. Y'all have done everything possible before and since Inauguration Day to send the message that Obama isn't one of you and y'all don't consider him 'white'.

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