Friday, April 23, 2010

Shut Up Fool! Awards-Countdown To Derby Week Edition

Thunder Over Louisville last weekend began the countdown to the 136th running of the Kentucky Derby on May 1. In the interim, we have the Kentucky Derby Festival happening in Da Ville.

The festival is chock full of events ranging from star-studded parties, parades, the marathon, a balloon race, and various other events and concerts from now until the 136th Kentucky Oaks on April 30 and the Run For the Roses..

It's Friday, and y'all know what that means. It's time to see what fool or fools will win, place or show themselves to be the fools we know they are or reveal themselves to be this week.

As always there were too many fools and not enough room in this post to chronicle all of them. There';s the usual suspects of Beck, Hannity, Palin and Steele along with various people in the GOP.

But we're going to stay local this week. Just across the Sherman Minton Bridge in New Albany, IN to be precise.

Our award winner this week is New Albany, IN police officer Jack Messer. He stated after a NAPD roll call on January 22 that 'giving civil rights to African-Americans was “the worst thing they ever did.”

So what, you say as you shrug you shoulders? Messer also happens to sit on the New Albany city council.

If you were walking in my chocolate pumps, would you want or trust a cop with those attitudes? To add to my community's concerns, this person is also in a position to make public policy.

It's why the New Albany chapter of the NAACP is going batshit crazy over it, as well they should. Of course Messer is now doing the tried and true spin tactic of peeps when backlash develops over something they said by claiming he 'misspoke'.

He now says that he believes blacks "should have every right everyone else has."

Yeah, right. That's not what you were thinking on January 22 when you expressed yourself to your fellow New Albany police officers.

Jack Messer, shut up fool!

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