Wednesday, April 14, 2010

TransGriot Post 2500!

Another day, another milestone here at TransGriot.

You are now reading post number 2500 on this humble blog since I started it on January 1, 2006.

2,500 posts means I've had a lot to say about a cornucopia of issues here and on other blogs for a while. It also means that those of you who come to read TransGriot think that what I have to say on various trans and non trans issues is important enough for you to spend some of your valuable web surfing time here perusing this blog.

Thank you for your insightful commentary, the positive e-mail messages, story tips and announcements about trans community events you send to me.

As I've stated, I want an interactive, thinking community, and sometimes I find out about stuff when your loyal readers tell me what's up.

And if you have a comment, don't be shy. Express yourselves.

But without you reading it and telling your friends about the blog, I'd just be writing to nobody in particular.

Thank you for reading TransGriot. Next stops on the blog milestone express: 1.5 million hits and 3000 posts.

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