Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Ticked Off Transpeople With Signs Protest Movie

The controversial movie 'Ticked Off Trannies With Knives' was hit with a protest coordinated by MAGNET, Media Advocates Giving Equality to Trans People in New York last night.

Transpeople and allies gathered outside the theater to express their displeasure about the film and creator Israel Luna’s problematic use of the murder of Colorado trans teen Angie Zapata to promote it

The protest was coordinated by Ashley Love of MAGNET and included IFGE Executive Director Denise Leclair, Laverne Cox and Melissa Sklarz

“People are telling us to lighten up,” Love stated, “but I heard reports of two more trans women murdered this morning. It’s not a laughing matter. We’re not laughing at all.”

“We’re not calling for censorship — anyone can make whatever film they want,” said Denise Leclair. “We’re protesting Tribeca for putting this film in a competition for an award because that will make people look at this as an example.”

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