Friday, April 02, 2010

Shut Up Fool! Awards-Easter Weekend Edition

It's Friday and the Holy Week observance is coming to a conclusion with Good Friday celebrations followed by Easter Sunday services. There's also a packed weekend of non religious oriented activity this weekend with the Men's and Women's Final Fours taking place in Indianapolis and San Antonio.

The April 4 Easter date also coincides with the somber anniversary of the 1968 assassination of the Rev Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

So Let's move on to what you've all been waiting for as you take a break from assembling the Easter baskets and hiding stuff for the Easter Egg hunts.

Time to find out what fool, fools or group of fools won our coveted award this week.

This week's peeps considered for it were Sarah Palin, and group awards for the GOP and Fox News.

But this week's award goes to Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR). She's facing a serious primary challenge from Lt. Governor Bill Halter, who's from the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party. Now all her shilling for the insurance companies and kowtowing to the Teabaggers in the wake of the health care reform battle is coming home to roost.

She ran commercials kowtowing to the Teabagger crowd boasting about how she opposed the health care reform bill.

Somebody must have whispered in her ear that President Obama still has widespread support in the African American community, and Arkansas has a sizable population of chocolate flavored residents who will have a major say in determining who wins the US Senate Democratic primary.

This is the commercial that is running on Arkansas based African-American radio stations.

Yep, Blanche Lincoln is trying to simultaneously claim that she supported and opposed President Obama at the same time.

Please take her out in the primary, Bill Halter.

Sen. Blanche Lincoln, shut up Fool!

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