Saturday, April 24, 2010

Amen, Roland!

I love my Houston homeboy, CNN and TJMS commentator Roland S. Martin.

This Aggie (yes, he's a Texas A&M alum) kicks butt and takes names when it comes to ignorance and stupidity, like he did recently when he took on Confederate history revisionists earlier this month in the wake of Virginia governor Bob McDonnell's Confederate History Month proclamation.

And I will never, under any circumstances, cast Confederates as heroic figures who should be honored and revered. No, they have been, and forever will be, domestic terrorists. Roland S. Martin CNN

Keep speaking truth to power, Roland!

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Unknown said...

Oh my god Roland Martin is awesome. Thank you for sharing this. I'm sick of people dancing around the issue with "tradition." In was large scale TREASON for the purpose of continuing to violate the rights of huge swathes of America. Period.