Monday, April 05, 2010

How Many Black Callers Is 'Too Many'?

One of the things some vanilla flavored people forget far too often is that African-Americans make up 13% of the United States population. That figure may increase pending the results of the 2010 Census now being conducted.

Rolled my eyes after hearing this call from a person complaining that C-SPAN was letting on too many Black callers.

First off, we're American citizens who have opinions about the pressing issues of the day as well and not all African Americans are liberal Democrats. There are African-Americans who identify as independents and Republicans.

Our chocolate flavored voices about the diverse issues of the day are just as valid and important to hear as your vanilla flavored one.

Just because what we have to say does not always neatly line up with your Fox News flavored worldview doesn't make our comments and opinions any less valid to hear.

So I want to know North Carolina conservafool? How many African-American C-SPAN callers is too many?

Ten? Five? Two? One?

I guess the 'C' in C-SPAN in the complaining caller's case is supposed to stand for Caucasian Conservative.

FYI to this prejudiced and informationally challenged consevafool. The money Black folks pay for their cable bills helps support C-SPAN just like yours does, so we have every right to call in and express ourselves.

Lord knows I have to endure vanilla flavored conservaignorance on the regular from y'all whenever I tune into C-SPAN. Every now and then you'll have to endure hearing my point of view as well.

As a matter of fact Black people, let's piss off him and other conservatives by making it a point to call in more often to C-SPAN and express ourselves.

H/T New Black Woman

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