Monday, April 26, 2010

A Movie That Doesn't Tick Us Off- 'Paulista'

Note to Israel Luna: a movie opened in an LA film festival recently that will give you more than a clue about the proper way to represent transpeople in film.

Lost in the uproar about TOTWK is the opening of a movie featuring a trans character that unlike that jacked up film, has garnered rave reviews. It also features 'gasp', a transwoman actress playing her transwoman character in a non-stereotypical fashion.

The Brazilian made movie directed by Roberto Moreira is called 'Paulista'. Ir focuses on the lives and exploits of several young people living in a Sao Paulo apartment building and looking for love.

One of the interesting characters in 'Paulista' is played by transwoman Maria Clara Spinelli.

She plays an attorney named Suzana, who tentatively begins to open her heart to another attorney named Gil at her firm. But she faces the 'when do I tell him' dilemma common to all transwomen who find themselves falling in love with cismen.

Once she does, Gil has a hard time getting past her trans status and allowing himself to fall in love with the person in front of him.

Spinelli has gotten rave reviews for her portrayal of Suzana on the film festival circuit and even picked up a best actress award in the process.

Wouldn't it be nice if more US filmmakers actually hired trans actors to play transpeople in films as has been done in other nations?

It's the reason I want to see 'Stealth' when it finally gets released.

But I'm digressing. If 'Paulista' hits my local indie film theater back in H-town, I'm definitely planning on seeing it.

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Gina said...

FYI, the film isn't yet playing anywhere in the US. It was featured at the Palm Springs Film Festival and it won Best Picture at the Hollywood Brazil Film Festival in LA. Ms. Spinelli won best actress at that festival as well. I don't believe it currently has a US distributor.