Friday, April 23, 2010

Um People, I'm NOT Evangelist Denise K. Matthews

On the occasion of her 50th birthday last year, being a big fan of hers back in the day (and still am), I wrote a post wishing Evangelist Denise K. Matthews a happy birthday and much success in her life. She's overcome a lot of relationship drama, recovered from serious medical issues, drug addiction and along the journey rediscovered her spiritual roots.

She now tours the country in her Fremont. CA based ministry as an evangelist preaching the Word, and I have much love and respect for her doing so.

But ever since I wrote that milestone birthday post for and about her I have had some people for whatever reason think this is Denise's blog and sending yours truly comments meant for Ms. Matthews.

Exhibit A from ineedjesus

HI MS Matthews i read your story it make me want to flow Jesus i wish i can meet you do u have a site i can go to hear he preach the word of God if this is ready you can u reply back

News flash to you peeps...this is TransGriot, not the Evangelist Denise K. Matthews site. I discuss a wide range of things here including religion, but first and foremost it is a blog focused on African descended transgender issues.

I'm mystified as to why people keep sending me comments clearly intended for Ms. Matthews. I have a sympathetic ear, I am a Christian, I look good, but I definitely don't resemble her in any way.

If the medical technology were available for me to look like her, I definitely wouldn't mind, because she is a stunningly beautiful sister both inside and out.

But just an FYI. If you have any questions, comments or concerns that you wish to direct to her, hit Ms. Matthews up on her website to do so.

TransGriot is designed to be a site for peeps who wish to learn more about trans issues from an African flavored perspective.

If you or even Evangelist Matthews wish to stop by for a while, peruse the blog and leave comments, then that's all good as well.

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