Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dawn's Headed To Cleveland

Dawn's fencing in a tournament that's taking place in Cleveland, but I won't be making the drive up there with her. The saber part of the competition starts at 1 PM Sunday, and I promised my pastor Rev. Sally McClain I'd be the worship leader for our services this weekend and next.

It's one I'm a little disappointed about because it would have been one of the last times I got to do a long distance drive with my homegirl and watch her fence for a while.

But I gave my word to Rev Sally I'd do it, and that's the end of the discussion. Edenside is where I'll be this Sunday morning and the next one.

Back to the discussion at hand.

In Dawn's last tournament in Dallas she finished in the Top 8. She's looking forward to this NAC event and changing the color of her medals to a gold silver or bronze one.

Best of luck sis, and sorry I'm going to have to miss it.

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