Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stop Spinning Negro Conservafools-The Teabaggers Are STILL Racist

The Tea Party peeps have a major image problem thanks to their nekulturny behavior and the fact their movement is as white as a Republican party convention.

In addition, they have views and have acted in ways that put them in alignment with people who like to wear white pointed hoods on the weekends or play domestic terrorist soldier while spouting pseudo christian rhetoric or anti government slogans.

In their recent charm offensive they tried to deploy their Negro auxiliaries to make the ludicrous case to the media and people of color that 'they aren't racists'.

Well, those signs y'all carry at the Tea Klux Klan rallies say otherwise.

The charge has been led by Oreo Barbie, oops Angela McGlowan, who is currently running for Congress in Mississippi's 1st District in a three way Republican primary.

It's "not about a black or white issue, it's not even about Republican or Democrat, from my standpoint. All of us are taxed too much."

Angela, you're not on Fox News anymore. Out of 30 OCED ranked nations, the USA ranks 28th in terms of tax burden on a one income married couple with two kids. Go peddle that manure somewhere else.

And oh yeah Miss Thang, the Field Negro is still patiently waiting for you in Philly to debate him.

If that wasn't enough, Bigot Harry Jackson (he doesn't get or deserve from me the respect of calling him Bishop) came out of hibernation from the pimp slapping he got in the DC marriage battle and tried to spin for Teabagger Nation.

In a recent column titled "Is Brewing Tea Dangerous?", Jackson suggested that what the Tea Partiers need is a full-blown PR-directed makeover.

Jackson offered up a tablespoon of advice to the Tea Party movement: Clean up your image. "Now that you know how you are perceived [by the media], what are you going to do"?, Jackson asked.

Give it up conservanegroes. We've already peeped the Teabagger game. They are just Obama 'Two Minute Hate' rallies disguised as anti-tax protests.

And no amount of spin from you Oreo cookie chompers can dissuade us from thinking otherwise.

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