Monday, April 12, 2010

The 'Stupiddome' Goes Bye Bye

Now that the 'Jerrydome' is the multibillion dollar playpen for the Arlington Cowchips, their former home stadium was forlornly sitting unused back in Irving.

Texas Stadium opened in 1971 and Cowboy fans called it 'The House That Landry Built' after their legendary NFL Hall of Fame coach.

As a certified member of the Houston chapter of the 'I Hate the Dallas Cowboys' club, I had a sarcastic nickname for it.

I called it the 'Stupiddome' for the hole in its roof.

Well, I won't have Texas Stadium to rag on any more because it's now a pile of rubble after it was imploded the other day.

Outside of enjoying every loss by 'North Texas' Team' in that stadium, one of my fondest memories of it besides Jack Yates' 1985 37-0 Class 5A state championship title wipeout of Odessa Permian took place on its turf.

There's also a 1979 Thanksgiving Day game between the Oilers and Cowboys in which Earl Campbell ran over, through, and around the Cowboys defense for 199 yards enroute to a 30-24 victory.

As a matter of fact, the Oilers/Tennessee Traitors have never lost to the Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day.

But I digress.

Bye Bye Stupiddome.

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