Monday, August 17, 2015

What Is Trans Activism?

I recently had some allegedly Black 'gender critical' transwoman(?) step to me with some BS trying to put out in the Twiitterverse  a loud and wrong interpretation of what trans activism is.

After I went Cookie Lyons on her clueless behind, I took a moment to ponder as someone who have been actively involved in making trans human rights a reality for the last 17 years, my thoughts as to what exactly Trans Activism is about.

Ahem, school is in session.

Trans Activism is an international human rights movement to recognize our humanity and protect it with the force of law in all the nations that we inhabit.

Trans Activism is creating the societal conditions for respect, acknowledgement and acceptance of the humanity of trans people..

Trans Activism is pushing for the ability to be able to fully participate in society without stigma.and live a quality life at any age.

Trans Activism is pushing for medical transphobia free, culturally competent and affordable trans and non-trans specific health care.

Trans Activism is pushing back against inaccurate, transphobic and outright false portrayals of our trans lives in the media and trans people doing more to ensure control of that collective media message.. 

Trans Activism is fearlessly speaking truth to power inside and outside the communities we intersect and interact with

 Trans Activism is having the opportunity and ability to enjoy the same first class citizenship and human rights  that cis people take for granted.

Trans Activism is making sure we exercise the citizenship rights we have under our control such as voting, lobbying legislators, and running for public office.

Trans Activism is ensuring we have a participatory seat at the table to formulate the policies that impact us, and building and sustaining our own organizations to ensure we are able to do so..

Trans Activism is knowing our trans history, defending it from erasure by whoever tries it, and passing it on amongst ourselves and to the next generation of trans people.

Trans Activism is fighting for the ability to openly walk down the street without being harassed, misgendered, assaulted or murdered just for having the courage to live our authentic lives.

Trans Activism is developing and maintaining pride in being a trans human being and developing community rooted in that pride of being trans men and women.

Trans Activism is the ability for those who wish to do so, openly serve in the armed forces of the various nations we inhabit.

Trans Activism is building  up trans economic power to complement our social and political power.

Trans Activism is engaging in ongoing leadership development, constantly ensuring that the folks who do step up to leadership roles are up to the task, and those leaders are held accountable to the community for their actions or lack thereof on our behalf..

Trans Activism is acting intersectionally in genuine reciprocal partnership with others, supporting them in their hour of need and working together on issues of mutual concern.

Trans Activism is fighting for the day that trans people are accepted, valued and fully integrated in society, our human rights are codified into law, and our existence and humanity is not subject to debate.

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