Wednesday, August 19, 2015

US Trans Survey Goes Live Today

The 2015 edition of the US Trans Survey, the largest one devoted to chronicling the lives of trans people in the United States, will go live today.  

I hope you are planning on taking time out of your busy lives to complete it, because it is critical to not only painting an accurate statistical profile of our community,data from the 2011 one has been used to advance our trans human rights movement and pass legislation based on it.

It has also been used by people in the policy, making, advocacy, and the general public to make the human rights case for our community, and we need more than the 6700 people who took it last time.  

We need people from all 50 states to participate and especially trans communities of color to do so.   In Houston we will have an event on August 22 to ensure that as many of our trans peeps in the Houston area get heard and also ensure that when it's later broken down for state by state numbers, we're represented in those stats.

To take the survey, go to this link.

TransGriot Note:  Took the survey, and I estimate it took me about 1.5 hours to complete.   But that 1.5 hours out of my day is a small price to pay for the advancement of our human rights movement.

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