Friday, August 14, 2015

Mia Henderson Case Update

Thanks to Jen Fischetti, I have been advised that the Baltimore PD has solved the case involving our departed sister Mia Henderson.

You may recall that the 26 year old Henderson's lifeless body was found in an alley near the 3400 block of Piedmont Ave in the Hanlon-Longmont neighborhood back on July 16, 2014.

On August 6, the Baltimore PD announced they were filing murder charges against Shawn Oliver, who is currently incarcerated at a state penal facility in Hagerstown, MD on an unrelated conviction.

Turns out that Oliver was attempting to rob Henderson, and she fought him before she was killed   That fight led to the discovery of DNA evidence under Mia's fingernails.

Of course, her family is pleased with the new developments in this case along with the Baltimore area trans community..  Stay tuned to these TransGriot electronic pages to see if Henderson gets justice in this case and Oliver gets to do some additional time in the Hagerstown Iron Bar Motel.

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