Monday, August 03, 2015

TERF's Now Come In The Sellout Kneegrow Variety

One of the things I'm consistently amused by is the lengths the TERF's will go to hate on little ol' truth telling about their azzes me.

They know that I will swiftly point out their TERF ranks are chock full of predominately white stuck in the 70's females with massive privilege, a boulder sized rock on their shoulders, and mad they weren't born as white men with the power to oppress people at the same level.

They have tried and failed to confront me over the years because they are similar in their thought processes to right wing Republicans in that they are stuck in reciting their convoluted devoid of logic dogma.  I have over a decade of practice in deconstructing their BS while giving zero phucks calling them out as they cry tasty vanilla flavored White Women's Tears.

So they tried a new tactic and sent the TERF Kneegrow Auxiliaries after yours truly. 

Seriously?  If Moni gives zero phucks in calling you white womyn gone wild out, what made you think I was gonna go easy on your Kneegrow TERF Auxiliaries?

The first one was someone I used to know in the Louisville progressive activist community who went to the Hart, MI Hatefest, stepped on 'The Land' and is now spouting their rhetoric.  She complained in a post I had written on my FB page a month ago that 'TERF was a slur', and I patiently tried to point out to Tanisha it wasn't.

You're probably driving to The Land for the last MichFest, so let me repeat it for you once again.

TERF stands for Trans Exterminationalist (Exclusionary) Radical Feminist, and it is a truth in advertising label created by feminists tired of y'all so called 'gender critical feminists' contaminating their brand.

You don't like the TERF description, take it up with your fellow feminists. If you don't want to be called a TERF, there's a simple pathway to follow to not be called one.  Don't emulate their reprehensible behavior or spout their transphobic rhetoric and we trans folks won't have to call you out about it. 

Am I happy this is the last MichFest?  You damned skippy!   I and other trans women are gleefully celebrating the self inflicted demise of an event that was founded by a longtime trans oppressor and transphobe in Lisa Vogel.   It unfortunately was molded in her TERF image to train cis women like you to hate trans people.

And I'm saddened you drank the TERF Kool-Aid.

If you are too clueless as a Black woman to not see the over four decades of TERF oppression of trans womyn (or are deliberately choosing to ignore it) and side with white womyn stuck in the 70's that hate your Black behind, too then you can exit my Facebook page and never speak to me again.

The second kneegrow I'm about to put on blast is one I was warned about by Diwa Cain, one of my Seattle based BTAC brothers.  He shot me a Facebook message a month ago expressing his concerns about Jaqueline Sephora Andrews, a local Black(?)  trans woman who has been saying some jacked up anti-trans crap that has him and other Seattle area trans leaders concerned .

Andrews calls herself a 'gender critical transwoman' which is the latest TERF speak codeword for " I'm gonna be as transphobic as I wanna be."   The fact a trans woman calls herself that is laughable and mind numbingly delusional at best.

Andrews has attacked and repeatedly misgendered Caitlyn Jenner, thrown barbs at Janet Mock up to calling her a misogynist, expressed support for anti-trans bathroom bills and leveled an attack at Jazz Jennings and by extension all trans kids by claiming that their parents allowing them and other trans kids to transition is child abuse. 

And she got my attention and subsequently got on my bad side by misgendering moi and Fallon Fox on Twitter.  That's NOT a place you need to or should ever want to be.

If you wanted my attention, you self hating rhymes with itch, now your cookie chomping sellout ass has got it, sir.. Caitlyn, Janet and Jazz and her family are going to take the high road and ignore your azz. 

I'm going WMMA on your clueless Uncle Ruckus wannabe behind  

One thing I despise more than racists and human rights oppressors is kneegrow sellouts who collude with them for whatever reason.   And I damned sure don't like Jaqueline, an (alleged) Black trans woman gleefully spouting TERF rhetoric.   It's especially problematic that you're doing so on your two bit three hit so-called blog that I'm not even going to link to for your TERF/HBS/-TS separatist fuckery after people in the Seattle area have tried to reason with you and point out what you are saying is some phucked up crap.

Your ass has never been to a trans conference, much less interacted with your local trans community, and you have the nerve to spout harmful TERF rhetoric at people who are doing more to advance the human rights of trans people and especially trans people of color than your shady azz.

Who the phuck are you to insult Jazz, Janet, Fallon, Caitlyn and moi, who have done more collectively and individually to advance the human rights of transpeople of all ethnic backgrounds than your no interaction with the Seattle trans community don't know and don't care when you started transitioning behind?

So let me put this in terms I'm sure you'll understand:  Get thee behind me TERF wannabe Satan.

And you know you've earned a Shut Up Fool Award nomination for this week as well.


Unknown said...

That was one hell of a blog.

Unknown said...

That was one hell of a blog.

Darya Teesewell said...

You know how to bring it, Monica!

Jeriko said...


As a snotty British, upper-middle class, ... let me just check ... yup, still all there ... obscenely-privileged white friend and sister of Jaqueline (who does not stoop to levels such as yours, being a lady), I ask how dare you?

I did not understand all of your faux-refined rant, not being able to speak trailerpark-ese, but the vicious, hateful, threatening message was abundantly clear nevertheless. Again, how dare you? This is not a rhetorical question. Answer me.

How dare you call her "sir" - isn't misgendering a hate crime? YOU are the transphobe.

How dare you doubt her ethnicity? Are you anti-Black? Black-exclusionary? Are you a Black "exterminationalist" trans activist base BETA bitch?
And re swearing, I can cuss to my heart's content because 1) I'm posh 2) you outrage the fuck out of me and 3) I don't have to pretend to be demure, I just am.

If you and your spare tyre want to rumble, sir, rumble with me and leave Jaqueline alone. She is on the side of truth, integrity, facts, honesty, compassion, honour and all that is good, true and right and the might of the transcult's hatred of all that is good, true and right will not prevail.

I and my sisters, including Jaqueline, will see to that.

Bring it on, brutha


safer midwifery utah said...

Cult mentality on display here